Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Foundation’s policy on including indirect costs in a grant?

As a general rule, the Foundation does not pay for overhead or indirect costs. In cases when it is considered a requirement of the grant, a maximum of 10% of the project’s direct costs may be included as overhead in the budget.

How do you define “youth”?

We generally fund kindergarten through high school, ages six to eighteen. Projects must focus on young people as the primary participants or beneficiaries.

Can I contact someone to see what kinds of projects you are interested in or whether my proposal is appropriate?

We do not provide guidance for applicants. Our website tells our story, gives guidance, answers questions and makes it easy for you to send your application directly to the board members who make decisions. We encourage you to study the website for what we support and do not support. If you do not find an answer, send an inquiry to

I am confused by the information about your foundation contained in the printed Foundation Directories. The guidelines and deadlines are different from the website. Which source is correct?

Always follow the Website, which has the current, correct and complete information. Important: Before applying, be sure to refresh your link to the CYM site.

How do you define the Western States?

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska.

Do you ever fund outside that area? 


Do you make site visits?

Occasionally.  The Board members operate as program officers.  Time and distance can limit site visits.

Do you make multi-year grants? 

Only for select projects initiated or developed by the Board.

What is the range of amounts of grants? How do we know how much to ask for? 

The maximum amount for unsolicited applications is $25,000. Smaller projects are encouraged. All requests must include a general breakdown of how CYM funding will be used.

When are the deadlines and when are decisions made?

Please visit our home page for the most current information.

What happens after we send our application?

You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted. If you did not get a confirmation message, or the system crashed before you submitted, please contact Betty Bloomer at

Can you tell me why I didn’t receive funding?

We do not provide individual critiques of requests. Each year the Charlotte Martin Foundation funds approximately one in every 20 unsolicited proposals it receives. Due to the volume of requests received and finite resources available, many excellent proposals fail to receive Foundation funding. Rejection of a proposal does not necessarily reflect negatively on the applicant. Some requests that were not successful in the first attempt were funded in subsequent cycles.

Some reasons why applications are not funded:

  • The application did not explicitly respond to one of the Foundation’s two new emphases which are Increasing Opportunities for Minority Youth; and Conserving Biodiversity in a Changing Climate.
  • We give priority to smaller organizations, particularly in rural areas, that have less access to financial and community resources.
  • We seek projects that emphasize the active participation of youth in education, culture or athletics.
  • We give priority to underserved groups of youth, particularly rural youth and youth of color, that have less access to financial and community resources.
  • The proposal does not give specifics of what the project activity is, and how many minority youth will be involved, or how wildlife or habitat will be preserved and resiliency enhanced in the face of climate change.
  • The project does not appear sustainable.
  • Other projects in the same funding cycle were more compelling in our highly competitive process.
  • The budget is not justified; the work to be accomplished is not clearly tied to the amount being asked for.
  • We do not fund therapies involving animals (our animal category is exclusively for wildlife preservation.)

When can we apply again?

If your application is declined, there are no restrictions on when you may reapply. However, if you are funded, you may not reapply until 1 year from the date of the award.