Welcome to the Charlotte Martin Foundation!

The Charlotte Martin Foundation is a private, independent foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of youth and also to preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat. Our two areas of focus – youth and wildlife – were established by our founder, Charlotte Yeoman Martin, during her lifetime, and continue today as a legacy to her generosity.


Thank you all who responded to the Charlotte Martin Foundation new process for seeking projects based on our new program focus.

  • Increasing opportunities for minority youth
  • Conserving biodiversity in a changing climate.

We are currently processing the 120 Letters of Interest that had been submitted by the May 15 deadline.

Here are the revised dates for completing this cycle:

  • June 15: Invitations sent to those 40-60 selected to submit a full application.
  • July 15: Applications due
  • August 15: Awards made

New Application Process:

The Charlotte Martin Foundation is changing the application process. We are now first requesting a submission of a Letter of Interest. Following a review of the Letter of Interest, we will extend and invite full applications from those organizations that we believe can best address our two focus areas: Increasing opportunities for minority youth; and, Conserving biodiversity in a changing climate.

The following are the deadlines for this application round:

  • Deadline of May 15th for Letter of Interest
  • Invite to full proposal by June 15th
  • Full proposals by July 15th
  • Notifications by August 15th

Enriching the Lives of Youth, Protecting Wildlife and Habitat

The Charlotte Martin Foundation is a private, independent foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of youth in the areas of athletics, culture, and education and also to preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat.

During the past year, the Foundation has been engaged in streamlining our grant making processes and focusing our work in areas where we need to make significant progress.

Our two areas of focus – youth and wildlife – now concentrate on two long-term challenges: Increasing opportunities for minority youth by addressing the issues of diversity and racial equity and Conserving biodiversity in the face of a changing climate.

  • Challenges for our Youth: Far too many youth are not achieving access to the opportunities of education, culture, and athletics. We need to encourage youth, especially people of color, to explore their passions, develop their skills, and make strong and lasting contributions to the world. Active involvement in education, creating cultural experiences, and participation in athletic endeavors shapes a lifetime of learning.
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change: The changing climate is posing significant challenges to our ability to promote biodiversity, wildlife, and habitat. Our stewardship efforts need new adaptive strategies in order to preserve the resilience of our vital ecosystems and to promote biodiversity and the protection of wildlife.

 In our funding decisions, we continue to be guided by these core principles::

  • Relevance: The Board continually seeks information regarding significant opportunities in our region and in our focus areas to ensure that we are responding to current needs and opportunities.
  • Community Engagement: We seek to foster community engagement in protecting wildlife and habitat and developing youth skills, thereby building on community strengths and actions.
  • Focus on Place: Grounded in the Northwest, we fund in urban, rural and tribal communities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
  • Expand Opportunity: We give special consideration in our grant making to benefit and expand opportunities for underserved populations in our region.

Please read through our two focus areas, our program descriptions, and what we do not fund before submitting a Letter of Interest through our on-line application. We will let you know whether we will request a full application from you or not. Thank you very much for your interest in the Charlotte Martin Foundation.

All applications for funding are received electronically. Learn more about our program priorities and our grantmaking at how to apply.